Senior Citizens Law Center | Legal - Elder Law | Grand Ledge, MI

Business Description:
At The Senior Citizens' Law Center, we have the ability to study your problems, research the issues and help you to find peace and calm when times are hard. When you find you are in need of legal assistance, you will be glad that you came to us at The Senior Citizens' Law Center.
Areas of Speciality:
We help with Wills, Trusts (avoiding the high expense of probate), power of Attorney, Probate of Estate, Will Contests & Estate Litigation, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, Marital Issues, Grandparent Rights, Real Estate Issues, Personal Injuries, etc.
Our Mission:
The mission of The Senior Citizens' Law Center and Dalimonte Law is to provide legal services to seniors and their families at lower, reasonable rates. Those of you who are 55 years or older, or who are helping someone who is an elder of that age group, should contact The Senior Citizens' Law Center to find out what has to be done, how to proceed, and what the costs might be. And for all GM Employees and GM Retirees, call Dalimonte Law, PC to obtain our legal expertise with our special reduced rates designed with you in mind.


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