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We are steeped in 90 years of tradition. We embrace a bright, evolving future. You would think these two things were mutually exclusive but not at Walnut Hills. We know where we came from and we know where we want to go.

We are legendary golf and extraordinary fairways with impeccable views. We are heartfelt hospitality and memory making for family, friends, and guests alike. We offer an engaging social and recreational calendar and contemporary dining experiences; all wrapped up in a vibrant, relaxed environment. Think of us as a twist on tradition.

We believe that success and sustainability comes from innovation and progress. This is accomplished in two definitive ways. First, this is not a member-owned club. What that means for you is rather than having to be part of running the club business on top of your hectic schedule, you simply get to come here and enjoy your club. We have a highly experienced management team and together take care of the fiscal, operational, and strategic responsibilities necessary to deliver an extraordinary experience to you. No assessments, no committee obligations, no pressure on you. Period.

Second, Walnut Hills is transitioning into a unique business that merges private club and golf membership with a restaurant and banquet facility that will be open to the public. This crossover approach helps to promote the club, creates a healthier facility overall where the different components of the facility-golf, dining, banquets-are stable on their own, ultimately creating more value to your membership.

We promote a relaxed atmosphere here at Walnut Hills. Don’t misunderstand, we believe in treating each other, our beautiful facility and course with respect, (you can see the club handbook for all the details), but we desire, more than anything, for you and your guests to feel welcome and relaxed at the club. Intimidation is so passé. So when you’re here please don’t worry about, well…hardly a thing.



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